Mailing Lists
About the Mailing Lists
Technical questions and discussions about using SolarEclipse and developing plug-in tools based on SolarEclipse should be posted to the forums. Mailing lists at are intended for use by developers actually working on or otherwise contributing to day-to-day development. The development mailing lists are the way design and implementation issues are discussed and decisions voted on by the committers. The only mailing list for users is solareclipse-announce.
Before you post to a developer mailing list:
  1. Ask yourself if you are asking your question in the right place.
  2. If you are reporting a bug - use the bug database - don't post it to the mailing list.
  3. Subscribe and then monitor the list for a few days to get a feel for what kinds of topics are appropriate.
Mail Archives
An archive link is available beside each mailing lists that provides access to mail archives in HTML form. This is a great way to monitor activity in the lists without actually subscribing, or to just catch up on things quickly.
SolarEclipse Project
solareclipse-announce  archive SolarEclipse Project announces.
solareclipse-project  archive General development mailing list of the SolarEclipse Project.
XML Subproject
solareclipse-xml-dev  archive General discussion of XML tooling issues.
Web Subproject
solareclipse-web-dev  archive General discussion of Web tooling issues.