The goal of this project is to provide free open-source tools useful to web-application developers.

SourceForge project summary
SolarEclipse Project hosted on SourceForge and we make extensive use of its services for our needs.
XML Development Tooling
The project would the base technology for many of the tools which use XML artifacts but where XML editing is not a core technolgy.
Web-Application Development Tooling
This project would create a full featured Web-Application Development - Servlet Launchers, HTML/JSP editors, etc.

There are many forms of contributions including financial or equipment donations, technical skills in software development and testing and, insightful wisdom and real-life feedback as technical authors and documenters. What are you going to contribute?

Users: We need your feedbak! Report bugs, fill feature-request. Describe as detailed as possible what features you need. More datailed description of your wishes gives you more chances to see desired features implemented in future versions of SolarEclipse.

Developers: There are much features planned. Look at the TODO sections on subprojects pages and help us with design and inplementation of these features.

Sponsors: Anything in this project has done on volunteer basis. Future development needs more resources and cannot be done in reasonable time without sponsorship.

Please write to development mailing lists your suggestions, and proposals. Starting from how feature should be visible to the user up to implementation details.

The SolarEclipse Project needs your help!